Biologic Research Infrastructure

The facility is registered with DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) approved vide No. TU/IV-RD/2740/2013

The lab has constant and reliable HVAC systems supplied with variable volume, terminal reheat system with pre-filters and after-filters for 90% efficiency.

Major Equipment

The facility houses best of the instruments from reputed vendors for exceptional quality conduct of research. The laboratory is secured with restricted access. Few of the equipments available at our custom research facility include –

Inverted Culture Microscope ,Autoclave, Bacteriological Incubator,Biosafety Cabinet, Refrigerated Centrifuge (3), Centrifuge,CO2 Incubator, Chilled Water Circulator ,Electronic Weighing Balance, Micro Balance, Elisa Plate Reader, Gel Dryer Junior, Hot Air Oven, Laminar Air Flow (3), LN2 Container (3), Milli Q System,Multiporator, Orbital Shaker, Pilot Shaker, PCR Machine, Spectrophotometer, UV Transilluminator, Vacuum Pump, Double Distillation Unit, Ultrasonicator, Multi Micro pipette, Easy pet, Pipette Boy, Gel Documentation system, Quick Stand System, BOD Incubator, Cooling Incubator, Humidity Chamber,Shaking Incubator, Digital Water Bath, Visco Meter, Autoclave, High Speed Centrifuge, Tangential Flow Filtration Unit, Laboratory Oven, Biosafety cabinet, HPLC System, Air Compressor(Dr Vayu), Akta Purifier, Microbial Ferment or, Chilled water circulator, Nano Vue, Akta pilot, Electrophoreses Power Cell (3), CO2 Incubator, XK16/40 Column, XK26/20 Column (3), Fine line 70L Column, Fine line Column, 25/50 column(2), XK16/20 Column, XK50/30 Column, 25/20 Column(2), 25/10 Column(3), Micro balance, Ultra sonic Cleaning Bath, BPG Column 100/500.