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Pathogen Screening by PCR

PCR technology facilitates the detection of DNA or RNA of pathogenic organisms and, as such, is the basis for a broad range of clinical diagnostic tests for various infectious agents, including viruses and bacteria. Owing to its exquisite specificity, selectivity, sensitivity and speed, PCR has been elected and adopted as the most ideal method of choice for the detection of pathogen’s DNA or RNA from diverse specimens from rats, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc..

Method Implemented

In our PCR based pathogen Screening, total nucleic acids are isolated from the specimen (Organ, Blood, Feces, Urine, FTA cards, etc.,) followed by amplification using highly precise primers complementary to concerned target pathogen nucleic acid sequence and also appropriate controls to identify the presence or absence of pathogen’s DNA/RNA at as low as single copy level.

Pathogens Tested

The following table summarizes the indicative list of pathogens screened from diverse specimens at Vivo Bio Tech.

Rat Mice Guinea Pig Rabbit
Hanta Virus (HV) Hanta Virus (HV) Guinea Pig Adenovirus (GPAV) Hantaan Virus (HV)
Reo Virus Type-3 Reo Virus Type-3 Guinea Pig Cytomegalovirus (GPCMV) Celia associated Respiratory Bacillus(CARB)
Lactic Dehydrogenase Elevating Virus (LDV) Lactic Dehydrogenase Elevating Virus (LDV) Salmonella enterica Bordetella bronchiseptica
Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV) Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV) Bordetella bronchiseptica Clostridium piliforme
Celia associated Respiratory Bacillus (CARB) Celia associated Respiratory Bacillus (CARB) Celia associated Respiratory Bacillus (CARB) Salmonella enterica
Rat Corona Virus (RCV) Minute Virus of Mice (MVM)   Pasteurella multocida
Rat Parvo Virus: Kilham Rat Virus (KRV)
Mouse Adenovirus (MAV)
Theilers Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV) Mouse Hepatitis Virus (MHV)    
Mycoplasma pulmonis Theilers Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV)    
Sendai Virus (SV) Ectromelia/Mouse Pox Virus    
Pneumocystis carinii Mycoplasma pulmonis    
Rat Parvo Virus: Toolan H1 Pneumonia Virus of Mice (PVM)    
  Sendai Virus (SV)    
  Mouse Parvo Virus (MPV)    

Collection, Transportation & Submission of Specimen Samples

Turnaround Time


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