Lab Animal Diets

For more than a quarter of a century SDS has been manufacturing precisely formulated and controlled diets, leading the way in accurate feeding for laboratory species.

The guarantee of quality from SDS allows you to be sure that the only variables in your trials are the ones you have planned. We know that quality assurance in every aspect is vital in this demanding field and consistency is essential to the integrity of experimental data.

The SDS head office is in Essex, UK. We have a subsidiary company in France and a network of agents across Europe and worldwide. With an impressive pedigree in supplying the research industry, we have the experience, expertise and facilities to fulfil the most demanding requirements.

All of our diets are manufactured at our UK site which is tailored for the production of research diets. Our two main production lines are completely drug and medication free. One of these is also free from animal proteins thus ensuring a completely vegetarian product is supplied. SDS also manufactures its own premixes to ensure complete quality control of all diet ingredients. Custom made diets are manufactured on the same site but in a completely separate building.

Special Diets Services is the largest supplier of Laboratory Animal diets in Europe and the only dedicated manufacturer in the UK. SDS has an international reputation for the quality of its diets and manufacturing and storage facilities. As research diets are our core business SDS has the formulations, packaging and flexibility to suit all your requirements. We also have a professional, friendly technical team who are experts in the field of research animal nutrition.

Diet Protein (%) Model Type Sterilization Data Sheets
RM3 A (P) 21.86 Rat & Mice Breeding & Short term Maintenance Autoclavable Click Here
RM6 (P) 14.38 Rat & Mice Long & Short term Maintenance Irradiated Click Here
CRM (P) 18.35 Rat & Mice Breeding & Short term Maintenance Irradiated Click Here
FD2 (P) 18.45 Guinea Pig Breeding & Maintenance Irradiated Click Here
STANRAB (P) 16.42 Rabbit Breeding & Short term Maintenance Irradiated Click Here
RABMA (P) 13.72 Rabbit Maintenance Irradiated Click Here
  • High Fat Diets
  • 824050 - 10% AFE Fat
  • 824051 - 12% AFE Fat
  • 824052 - 35% AFE Fat
  • 824018 - 45% AFE Fat, 18% AFE Sucrose
  • 824054 - 60% AFE Fat
  • Powdered Diets
  • Medicated Diets

Most diets are available in powder and pellet form. Synthetic diets, because of their nature, are only available in powder form.

Special diets fall into one five groups depending on the specification:

  • (i)   Synthetic base
  • (ii)  Synthetic + cereal base
  • (iii) Natural ingredient base (cereals)
  • (iv) Standard diet + additive
  • (v)  Premix for inclusion in your own diet. We can also supply some raw materials.
  • Paper as stadard

  • White plastic for fat coated diets

  • Polywoven for autoclaving

  • Heavy duty heat-sealed plastic

  • Polylined for barriers

  • Double polylined

  • Vacuum packed 2.5kg - 12.5kg

  • Bulk box delivery – irradiated diets

  • Bulk bag delivery