SPF Mice - Outbred

Swiss Webster

Nomenclature: Tac:SW

Model Description:

  • Extensively used for decades as an all-purpose stock for research and drug safety testing
  • Often used as recipient mother in transgenic labs due to its superior nurturing ability
  • Swiss Webster females are also ideal pseudopregnant recipients for embryo transfers of black and agouti mouse lines

Origin: Taconic received the Swiss Webster outbred model from the Rockefeller Institute through Rockland Farms Inc in 1940. The mice have been maintained as a closed colony since 1951. The mice were derived by caesarean from randomly chosen breeders and reintroduced into a Barrier Nucleus Expansion Colony in 1965-1969. The mice were derived by caesarean in 1983 from randomly chosen breeders from all Taconic's barrier units. Vivo Bio Tech received the breeders in June 2013, July 2016 from Taconic.

Color: Albino

Coat Color Loci: Tyrc

Health Standard: MPFTM (Murine Pathogen FreeTM)