Custom Model Generation


Cyagen offers a one-stop solution for all your custom mouse and rat model needs. They are now the world's largest provider of transgenic and knockout mouse and rat services, with thousands of genetically modified mice generated each year for researchers worldwide. Read More

Guarantee: Cyagen offers the best guarantee in the industry – we will fully refund the client’s service fee if animals with the specified genotype are not generated (except for genetic modifications severely affecting viability, morbidity, or fertility). Given the complexity of biological systems, a particular genetic modification may not result in the desired phenotype. As such, Cyagen's guarantee covers the creation of animals with the specified genotype, not a particular phenotypic outcome in terms of transcription, protein/RNA function, or organismal biology.

Animal Programs: All Custom Model generation is conducted at Cyagen’s AAALAC accredited facilities at specific pathogen free (SPF) status and OLAW assured. For detailed information, please visit below links –

Custom Breeding Program:

We can be a One Stop Solution from Model generation to Delivery of Transgenic animals at your Door Step.

Vivo Bio Tech can import the animals from Cyagen, Quarantine them as per local regulations and Door deliver.

We can also do Custom Breeding (from F0 / F1) as per your requirement and supply the study cohorts after genotyping.