Vivo Bio Tech is a full service CRO offering drug development & discovery services to pharmaceutical & biotech companies world-wide in accordance with OECD - GLP, AAALAC & IND guidelines. The company offers services in the areas of In vivo & In vitro toxicity studies, Pharmacological investigations, Pharmacokinetic & toxicokinetic studies, Genotoxicity screening, Analytical services etc. Our experienced & talented scientists offer advice on defining drug development paths tailored to specific molecules.

Our Scientific team provides both regulatory and non-regulatory IND enabling preclinical development services. We are capable of screening & evaluating molecules for various pharmacological & therapeutic properties. Specifically for oncology, our scientists can provide design & development of syngeneic / xenograft models for evaluation of anti-cancer agents. Further, our scientists can customize In vivo DMPK studies to help profile your drug candidate in both rodent and non-rodent animal models.

Vivo Bio has partnered with Taconic Biosciences for sourcing foundation and expansion colonies of the SPF rodent models and have started in-house breeding & trading. Vivo Bio has also partnered with Cyagen Biosciences to provide easy access to Genomic Technologies to Indian Biomedical R&D.

Achieve a sustainable and profitable growth by identifying our customers’ research problems and providing a solution by partnering with global companies with cutting edge science Support Indian Biomedical Research by making advanced research tools accessible by strategic global partnerships.
  • We constantly strive to identify our Customers’ research problems and commit ourselves towards providing a seamless solution.
  • We value our Employees as the foundation of our success and will provide a respectful, meaningful and exciting opportunities for enabling them to perform at their best.
  • We are committed to highest standards of Ethics and Integrity

Vivo Bio Tech offers pioneering methodologies for support backed by precise service level agreements to ensure comfort of client through the period of the study & thereafter. We have very experienced scientists with proven capabilities in drug development. We have a sophisticated facility in this region. The following are the advantages of partnering –

Highest Quality Standards : At Vivo Bio Tech, we believe that a client requires delivering confirmable results for all regulatory studies, hence, all the study procedures are developed and validated to meet current OECD - GLP guidelines. The scheme of quality assurance available at Vivo Bio Tech strongly adheres to the requirements of OECD and FDA regulations.

Regulatory Support Services : Our team of experts have proven expertise for moving lead candidates to IND and subsequent market approval. Our experts can suggest you the suitable research options enabling you quick turn-around submissions to regulatory agencies.

End-to-End Integrated Services : We offer broad range of services ranging from In vitro to preclinical development addressing the full service lifecycle, both within and beyond the studies.

Fast Turn around Time : With the all the infrastructure located in vicinity, all the Biologic Research, In vitro and In vivo services requirement of the sponsor is addressed, thereby minimizing cost and turn-around time.

Seamless Facility Operations : With iBMS system, our facility is under constant monitoring & surveillance for all the activities being carried out. With restricted entries to personnel to different areas of the buildings based on their predefined roles, our facility defines the right environment to carry out all your research needs.

Cost Effectiveness : Owing to the location benefit (Asia-Pacific), Vivo Bio Tech offers cost effective solutions within the stipulated time lines without compromising on the quality of deliverables.