BAC Modification

BAC Modification (Recombineering)

Description of Services

Design BAC modification strategy Once you tell us the changes you wish to make to your BAC, our skilled scientists will design a detailed strategy to achieve the modification. This can be as simple as telling us "I want to put a lacZ reporter after the promoter of this gene."

Leave BAC ordering to us Just give us the ID number of the BAC you want, and we can source it for you. The great majority of BACs are available from the BACPAC Resource Center at CHORI, but some BACs have to be obtained from other suppliers. This step is not needed if you send us your own BAC in E. coli.

Turnaround Time

Service Turnaround time
Design BAC modification strategy 1-4 days
Obtain BAC from vendor 1-2 weeks
One-step BAC modification (without removing drug-selection cassette) 2-4 weeks
Optional: Remove drug-selection cassette used in one-step BAC modification 1-2 weeks
Two-step BAC modification 4-8 weeks
Add drug-selection or visualization marker to BAC backbone** 1-2 weeks
Transfer region of BAC onto plasmid 2-4 weeks
Validation of modified BAC 2-3 days


We guarantee successful BAC modification or we will fully refund your service fee – the best guarantee in the industry.

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